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About Us

Welcome to Lily Bronson,

This venture is a homage to my late grandmother, Lily, whose spirit once enlivened a restaurant on Ottawa's Bronson Avenue from 1956 -1976. Known for her resilience and warmth, Lily charmed patrons and ran the establishment with dedication, especially after facing the sudden passing of her loving husband and business partner on January 8, 1961.

After that, she bravely took the helm of the business, all while raising five boys on her own. Quite the feat!

Throughout her life, my grandmother, Lily, met challenges head-on with a remarkable blend of dedication, honesty, and fortitude. These qualities, which so deeply inspired me in my early years, and have greatly influenced the person I’ve become. This business is a tribute to her legacy, a way for me to honor and carry forward Lily’s strength, grace, and fervor in all that I do.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Happy shopping!


Lily's Granddaughter - Melissa